My Healthy-Eating Journey

Note: This is just a post to show a personal change for me. I understand that everyone is different and that everyone’s diet is different and that some things that worked for me won’t be suitable for other people. I’m not a dietician or doctor and this is not meant to be an advice article, […]

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Let’s Look at 2017

Some shops and restaurants in Edinburgh

Did you know that sometimes you can blink too hard and end up in August without realising? Do you remember me saying I was going to review my 2017 goals every quarter to make sure I stayed on track with them? Do you realise that 12 divided by 4 is not 8? Yeah, me too. […]

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Life Catch-Up: July 2017

Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester

So much happened in July. I did so many things and so saw many people that I barely had time to sit down and drink a cup of 1A tea (see link for details). I worked myself ridiculously hard, spent way too much money and ate way too much as usual. I didn’t achieve everything […]

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Meeting Holly and Pauline

Pauline and Holly!

If you want a post that looks 1000x fancier than mine, is funnier than mine and includes a photo of a cat’s bum, then you should definitely read Pauline’s post about the day! GO ON. DO IT! Or, if you want a really emotional and beautiful post, go visit Holly’s blog. It’s so positive and […]

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