How I’m Saving Money In 2017

The Pikachu money box that my sister made me

So, last year, I started saving up for a mortgage. I set up a mortgage account, set up a monthly transfer and began building up funds for the future. And, being the dreamer I am, I imagined coming out of 2016 with enough money for my own house and more. Unfortunately, this dream did not […]

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Life Catch-Up: April 2017

A sheep

Happy end of April day! Another month has passed and it’s honestly terrifying how fast this year is going. It seems like two minutes since I was eating garlic bread and convincing myself that this year I would become a super organised, super healthy, super motivated human being. But it’s been four whole months, and […]

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Taking Care of Me

Countryside views

In the past 18 months I’ve rarely had an evening where I’ve just let myself relax. I’ve always had a to-do list ten miles long, and I’ve always felt like I needed to be doing something. I’ve always tried to cram so much into every evening, and I’ve always felt too guilty to stray from […]

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Time Machines Are Overrated

This is me, aged 17, looking as cool as I possibly could. (Which was not very cool at all).

Do you ever look back on a time on your life and think “wow, I wish I was back there”? Do you ever find yourself getting emotional about how great the past was, because the present doesn’t seem as great? Do you ever want to hop in a magical DeLorean and visit your former life? […]

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Life Catch-Up: March 2017

It’s somehow April. What?! How did this happen?! I’m sure we can’t have had three whole months of 2017 yet, can we?! Anyway, here’s a review of March, since today’s date isn’t an April fool… Things that happened in March I went to Liverpool Comic Con, dyed my hair red and had some lovely relaxing […]

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