Reviewing My 2017 Goals

Some blossom covered trees

At the start of January I made myself a list of 25 goals and convinced myself I could achieve all of them. I spent hours and hours imagining the “new me” that would emerge at the end of this year, certain of the fact that I would somehow rise from the ashes as this perfect […]

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London Haul

Pikachu plastic toy set

It’s finally here! The very last London post! It’s been almost seventeen years since I started this series, but I’m finally able to retire it, and stop bombarding you with extra-long posts full of overenthusiastic sentences. I’m very sorry that this has taken so long. Anyway, I thought I’d end my London series by showing […]

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You Know It’s Nearly Christmas When…

The ice sculpture from the Yule Ball in the fourth Harry Potter film

This post is probably a bit late, considering we are all now programmed to start thinking about Christmas in September, but being the massive Scrooge I am, I’m writing it now. Yes, I’m finally ready to feel festive. Yes, it’s finally time to start sitting in my living room covered in tinsel, watching Elf over […]

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