I Wish Master Chief Was Rose Gold

This is Master Chief.

(Also known as: The Funniest Posts I’ve Ever Written) Note: The title of this post is based on the fact I can’t live in a rose gold wonderland because I accidentally won a giant Master Chief figurine at comic con (pictured above). I tried to get rid of said figurine, but, for some reason, Andy […]

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Life Catch-Up: Christmas 2017

Chewbacca mug, Deathstar mug, Stormtrooper mug

The past month or so has been spent prepping for Christmas. I spent a couple of weekends doing crazy amounts of Christmas shopping, and hours and hours wrapping everything. I realised being prepared is incredibly annoying when you live in a small house and have to spend a month tripping over presents and decorations. We […]

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2018 Goals


As you may have guessed from my previous post, I’ve decided to approach goals a little bit differently this year. Last year, I made a massive list of goals, most of which required hours and hours of hard work to be achieved. It was incredibly daunting, and I actually found the list to be more […]

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Reviewing My 2017 Goals

Some blossom covered trees

At the start of January I made myself a list of 25 goals and convinced myself I could achieve all of them. I spent hours and hours imagining the “new me” that would emerge at the end of this year, certain of the fact that I would somehow rise from the ashes as this perfect […]

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London Haul

Pikachu plastic toy set

It’s finally here! The very last London post! It’s been almost seventeen years since I started this series, but I’m finally able to retire it, and stop bombarding you with extra-long posts full of overenthusiastic sentences. I’m very sorry that this has taken so long. Anyway, I thought I’d end my London series by showing […]

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