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Hi, I’m Amy. I’m 24 years old and live in Leeds. I have a degree in English and Writing, a Master’s in Creative Writing and I write greeting cards for a living. You know, the cute/soppy/funny bits of writing already on cards when you buy them. I get to do that every day and that makes me feel incredibly lucky.

I also like to write fiction. One day, I hope to be an author. My mum reckons she’ll see my name in Waterstones, but she also reckons that the piece of cardboard I glued to a box when I was 4 was amazing. I’m currently writing a YA novel about mental health and being different, because that’s the book teenage me would have wanted to read. I’m also writing one about an assassin. Because teenage me would have liked that too. I should probably work on expanding my audience until time travel has been invented.

I like to spend the rest of my free time reading, drawing, shouting at the PS4 and playing on my 3DS. I like Emilie Autumn, Amanda Palmer, Jodi Picoult, Cougar Town, Naruto and many more things.

I share a house with my boyfriend, Andy. The sort of sharing which involves getting at least 3/4 of the bed every night. I mention Andy quite a bit on the blog. He’s 6ft 4 and bald and we make Pokemon-related videos on YouTube.

Mamyology has been my home on the Internet since 2008. All the posts from my teenage years have been deleted, because I used to complain about school, document arguments with friends, and write posts about snails on skateboards. Yes, I’m also sad that the last posts don’t exist anymore.

I now blog about my life, writing, Pokemon, books, and I sometimes pretend to be the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood. Because I think everyone should learn how to vomit grandmas.

The name ‘Mamyology’ comes from being unable to use my real name in anything, due to it being so boring (thanks mum and dad!). It’s made up of two parts:

Mamy: What I used to call my self when I was little. It was either a two-year-old speech impediment or an arrogant attitude to how many letters my name should have.

Amyology: I found this on some random fake word generator. It’s fake definition is ‘The mindless worship of Amy’. All bow down. 🙂

It was either that or some gangster-esque name like ‘Amzy-G’. Luckily I decided to only be a gangster on Twitter

I don’t mean to offend anyone on this blog, so if I accidentally do so then I’m sorry. Feel free to talk to me, comment or ask for help on things.

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  1. You are so highly original in all you write, that I wish to follow your further development towards becoming a famous writer (which you certainly will become, if you stick to your present style nd wit). I am an old man myself (80), but hope to be still alive, when your name has won its fixed place in literary circles, which are not too established (which usually destroys all former original ideas). To introduce myself: I am Austrian, now living at a remote place on the Czech border surrounded by forests, worked as a biologist, but always have been interested in creative writing (which in my case usually is confined to poems) and young people’s views of the world. Best wishes for further success and kind greetings!

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