Bus Travel Blues

Throughout high school my mum drove me to school. Yes, I was one of those kids travelling in style, who didn’t have to suffer a half an hour bus journey with all the children from younger years threatening me for my lunch money. Well, if you can class riding in my mum’s roaring chav engine […]

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Burning my fingers in way too many pies

My Paperchase Organiser

I thought I’d make a post on the “projects” I’m currently working on, because calling them “projects” makes me feel like I’m actually achieving something in my Summer break, instead of just sitting playing Candy Crush on Facebook, and learning how to make porridge so it doesn’t just taste like milky glue. And I get […]

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What I Learned on my Work Placement

As I’ve been out of blogging for a while I’m posting about something that happened quite a bit ago. But it’s still relevant. I think. In January/February this year I spent six weeks working at a social media company where I got to write lots of blog posts for clients and even got my own […]

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