How I’m Slowing Things Down

A road, some trees and cars driving into the distance

I’m the sort of person who’s always doing something. I’m always busy, always rushing, always trying to fit as much as I can into my days. Everything needs to be done at 300 miles an hour and if things don’t go at that speed I feel as though I’m wasting valuable time. Obviously, this is […]

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Taking Care of Me

Countryside views

In the past 18 months I’ve rarely had an evening where I’ve just let myself relax. I’ve always had a to-do list ten miles long, and I’ve always felt like I needed to be doing something. I’ve always tried to cram so much into every evening, and I’ve always felt too guilty to stray from […]

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The Eleven Stages of Dieting

Ah, dieting. My favourite thing to talk/moan/complain about lately. As you could probably tell from my last post, dieting is a huge challenge for me. It’s not just a case of making healthy meals and losing weight, it’s a constant battle between weight loss and chocolate. Because I really love chocolate. Anyway, my inability to […]

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MCM Liverpool: My Cool Comic Con Adventure

It’s been a month full of leaves. A month full of endless hours staring at piles and piles of the things, and wishing they just sew themselves. A month of almost accidentally sewing my fingertips to things because needlework is not my forte. All to make this thing: On Saturday, after all the stress, I […]

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