Meeting Chynna

Chynna and me

If you’d like to read a cooler, funner, more amazing post that includes the best video ever, then you should definitely head over to Chynna’s blog! Trust me, it’s worth it! The past week has been a complete blur. A completely incredible, amazingly fun, but ridiculously tiring blur. I got to London on Sunday, walked […]

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Meeting Holly and Pauline

Pauline and Holly!

If you want a post that looks 1000x fancier than mine, is funnier than mine and includes a photo of a cat’s bum, then you should definitely read Pauline’s post about the day! GO ON. DO IT! Or, if you want a really emotional and beautiful post, go visit Holly’s blog. It’s so positive and […]

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Hyper Japan Haul

The contents of the Inspire Me Korea food box

So, if you read my last post you’ll know that I bought quite a bit of stuff at Hyper Japan. A lot, actually. More than I ever intended to buy. I actually ended up dipping into my savings so I could buy all this, which, when you see what I bought, will seem ridiculous. There […]

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Hyper Japan 2017

The Sanrio Artbox room at Hyper Japan

Just over a week ago I braved a 3.45 alarm to go to Hyper Japan Festival with my friend Becky and her friend Andy (who is not the same Andy as my Andy. My Andy was at Silverstone, looking at cars. Yes, this was confusing every time I mentioned something my Andy did.) Hyper Japan […]

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