25 Facts About Me

Sitting with a Chewbacca waxwork.

Hi, I’m Amy. Even though I’ve been writing on here for almost ten years, and have probably said everything there is to say about myself, I thought it would be fun to do a “facts about me” post. I started writing this post last April, but for some reason it’s been sitting in my drafts […]

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My Happy Things

Some chocolates and the first Harry Potter book

I started this list in January. I was feeling really down on a Saturday afternoon, and was really desperate to cheer myself up somehow. Self-care is a big thing at the moment, and I’ve seen so many people taking photos of colourful bath water, books and candles. But I’m not a bath person. We don’t […]

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You Know It’s Nearly Christmas When…

The ice sculpture from the Yule Ball in the fourth Harry Potter film

This post is probably a bit late, considering we are all now programmed to start thinking about Christmas in September, but being the massive Scrooge I am, I’m writing it now. Yes, I’m finally ready to feel festive. Yes, it’s finally time to start sitting in my living room covered in tinsel, watching Elf over […]

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Cracking Christmas Advice

Star Wars Christmas

Is Christmas stressing you out? Are you convinced that something’s going to go horribly wrong? Do you ever get an overwhelming urge to bin the turkey, throw the Christmas tree outside and fly off to a distant country away from your family? Yep, me too. Christmas may be “the most wonderful time of the year” […]

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Christmas Songs That Need to Die

*slightly exaggerated title. No Christmas songs were harmed in the making of this blog post… I love Christmas. I love wrapping presents, watching Christmas movies, and drinking a nice festive hot chocolate. I love advent calendars, Christmas dinner, and the smell of hot roast chestnuts. But, every so often, when I’m happily listening through a […]

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