Life Catch-Up: January

At the start of January I was convinced that I could do everything. I was convinced that I could write three blog posts a week, stick to my diet every single day, exercise, plan/write part of a novel and spend a few hours a week doing something creative. Sadly, that hasn’t been the case, but […]

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Life Catch-Up: Working on my Goals

I’ve kind of accidentally broke from the unofficial blogging schedule I’ve made to write this post. Because I don’t actually have a proper 2017 diary yet, because I’m an idiot who didn’t click ‘Pay’ on Paperchase. Legit spent a week waiting for my organisers refills to show up, then got incredibly angry when they didn’t, […]

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Life Catch-Up: Christmas Things!


It’s time for a long overdue life catch-up post, because there hasn’t been one since the start of November. I’ve been spending a lot of time getting ready for Christmas, and, surprisingly, I’m almost prepared! Everything’s wrapped up, and I just have a couple of things left to sort out. And then it’ll be Christmas! […]

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Life Catch-Up: My Birthday and October


I haven’t done a life catch-up in a while. Because usually nothing happens. Unless you’re interested in stories of me doing three loads of washing in one day and therefore feeling like a superhero? Didn’t think so. But the past couple of weeks have actually been pretty busy. I turned 24, went out a couple […]

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Life Catch-Up: September

I’ve spent September trying to get used to Andy working until 8, and having to get used to cooking meals by myself. Which has involved a lot of me getting distracted by the TV and burning things. A lot of things. So far, I’ve over-cooked steak, ruined pasta by leaving it on too high a […]

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