24 by 24: The Results

If you don’t already know, last year, just after my 23rd birthday, I set myself 24 goals to complete by the time I turned 24 (you can read the post here). At the time, I was living in a small, cheap flat, didn’t have any major savings goals, and was enjoying spending my tax rebate. […]

Life Catch-Up: My Birthday and October

I haven’t done a life catch-up in a while. Because usually nothing happens. Unless you’re interested in stories of me doing three loads of washing in one day and therefore feeling like a superhero? Didn’t think so. But the past couple of weeks have actually been pretty busy. I turned 24, went out a couple […]

How to Control Your Spending

(By the “expert” who occasionally spends millions of pounds on Pokémon cards) The two days after pay day are the best two days of my month. Because as soon as that money hits my bank account I’m free to throw £20 notes around on takeaways, face paints for Halloween that I didn’t really need and […]

Blogging is Hard and the iPhone 7 is Evil

I’m sitting here with so many planned posts/drafts/things in my head but no words will come out. I just can’t finish anything (insert rude joke), and every time I try to blog recently I end up staring at Facebook and Twitter for three hours, then getting sad, because I’ve spent all my free time doing […]

Life Catch-Up: September

I’ve spent September trying to get used to Andy working until 8, and having to get used to cooking meals by myself. Which has involved a lot of me getting distracted by the TV and burning things. A lot of things. So far, I’ve over-cooked steak, ruined pasta by leaving it on too high a […]